Every Thursday we “Clap for the NHS” but from the club we thank everyone of you on the “frontline” for all the support you are giving us all at this unprecedented time.


NHS; Nurses in the Community; Pharmacy Assistants;Teachers; Fire Service; Police; Paramedics; Care Workers; Judicial Service; Retail Assistants, Supporting Vulnerable people in the community and to those who have volunteered their services to work in our hospitals and delivering food.

We are so proud of you all.  We thank you all (names in alphabetical order) and some photos of our keyworkers.  Think everyone will know who they are.

The club apologise for anyone who has been missed off the list.

Julia Allen
Debbie Anderson
Kelly Appleton
Aaron Atherton
Suzanne Blenkinship
Addison Brown
Kate Chapman
Josephine Costello
Paul Costello
Deborah Davies
Joshua Dunkerley
Craig Edwards
Karen Edwards
Jackie Evans
Paige Evans
Mark Grogan
Michelle Grogan
Samantha Grundy

Bethan Grimes
Caroline Harrison
Francesca Harrison
Stephanie Henry
Nicola Holt
Jen Hornby
Paul Howarth
Danielle Jeffery-Leyland
Lorna Marsden
Grace Morley
Mark Pendlebury
Tom Pridding
Neil Roberts
Tricia Rowlands
Leanne Stafford
Janet Talbot
Liam Vernon