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🚨Important Update: Mandatory QR Code Swim Caps 🚨

In the biggest shakeup to our sports since electronic timing was introduced, our governing body has just announced a rule change that will revolutionise how we compete at galas and in water polo games.

Starting in April, all swimmers and water polo players must wear a new type of swim cap. These aren’t just any swim caps; they come printed with a large QR code on the side, which officials can scan instantly from the poolside. This innovative step aims to make result capturing more efficient than ever before.

Here’s what you need to know:

Personal QR Codes: Everyone must apply for a cap with a unique QR code linked to their membership number. Please use the link below to order your personal cap immediately.

Referee & Steward Scanners: Water Polo referees and swim meet stewards will soon be equipped with scanners to update match statistics and speed up heat allocations.

Goggle Adjustment: To avoid goggle straps obstructing the QR code, goggles must now be worn under these new caps.

Numbered Water Polo caps: Traditional water polo caps are no longer required as the new caps will mean match officials won’t need the number identifiers to capture match statistics.

Correct Placement: Officials’ long-distance scanning hardware relies on these QR codes being displayed correctly. Each cap has a handy L (left) and R (right) printed on the inside so competitors can correctly align their caps.

Colour Coordination: The caps are available in specific colours to ensure maximum scanability. No other logos or writing can appear on the caps. Luckily for us, Tyldesley Blue is on the list! Not all clubs are as fortunate with their traditional colours. Can swimmers please make sure you opt for Royal Blue so we can continue to look like a team. Water Polo players will need to order both Royal Blue and White for away and home matches. Goalkeepers will now wear green rather than red.

Looking Ahead: Plans are underway to develop mobile apps that allow spectators to scan competitors from the stands, giving instant access to personal best times and match statistics. Our governing body is also exploring how this QR technology could be used in diving and artistic swimming.

Madelaine Chapeau, Directeur de l’innovation at the governing body’s headquarters in Switzerland, commented on the introduction of QR code swim caps, stating:
“This application of QR code technology, borrowed from the logistics sector, is set to revolutionise aquatic sports. Competitors will enjoy a more streamlined event experience, stewards will benefit from the ease of competition management, and spectators will engage more deeply with the sport through instant access to athlete data. It’s a prime example of cross-industry innovation enhancing efficiency and engagement in sports.”