How to Build Self-Confidence in the Water

How to Build Self-Confidence in the Water

Confidence is key to achieving great things in the water.  Top achievers in both swimming and Water Polo are brimming with confidence and it’s easy to believe, quite mistakenly that they were born with it. That they have always had this unbelievable optimism, courage and poise.

Confidence isn’t something we are born with. It’s a natural by-product of the environment you create around yourself and the actions that you take.

When we feel confident, we walk out onto the pool side with a smile, ready to tackle the coach’s challenging sets. Competitors don’t scare us, and adversity is easier to handle.

But when we allow the fear to creep in, workouts can feel harder, self-doubt can pile up, we may overreact to setbacks, and it gets harder and harder to move forward with our sport.

The truth is that confidence is a skill. One we all need to work at.

Little Wins Bring Big Changes

Those who have high expectations and big goals tend to only reward themselves with praise when they achieve a PB of some sort.  But confidence can’t be reliant on one or two achievements per year.

The foundation of confidence, comes from the little wins we can identify week on week, month on month, for example:

  1. Improving on your technique
    • Identify something you want to improve on each week and give it you full focus
    • Ask for feedback from your coaches and your team mates
  2. Changing your nutrition
    • What could you add our remove from your current diet that will support your fitness levels?
    • What makes you feel good, that supports your fitness levels
  3. Seeing an improvement in your recovery periods
    • Review your bedtime routine
    • Could your warm down periods be improved
  4. Drinking more water
    • Every cellular process that happens in our body requires water. You already know to increase your uptake of water in and around your practices, but are you drinking water the rest of the day too?
  5. Stretch Your Goals in Practice
    • Get into the habit of tackling new and scary stuff in practice.
    • If you get the opportunity to move into a faster lane, or train with more experienced players, try something new and push yourself a little more to see what’s possible, you might just surprise yourself! Your coaches are there to support and advise you so don’t worry about doing the wrong thing, your there to learn and grow.

These small wins will make a huge difference over time, allowing you to achieve those PB’s and ultimately instilling that confidence you need to be the very best version of you, you can be.