Swimming Skills

How To Swim Perfect Freestyle

Freestyle is the most popular swimming stroke in the world, and is an essential skill that all swimmers should focus on.

Speedo Breaststroke Technique – Presented by SwimShop

Clear, visual instructions on how to achieve the perfect body position, stroke and kick technique.

Swim Faster Backstroke Technique with Chloe Sutton

A full tutorial on everything backstroke with Chloe Sutton. Chloe is a 2-time Olympian and 5-time National Champion.

Butterfly Technique by Speedo – Presented by SwimShop

The correct body position, stroke and kick technique, together with optimal breathing for a faster, more energy efficient swim.

Water Polo Skills

Performance: Strength & Conditioning

An instructional video to support body movement, passing and shooting & active stretching

Water Polo: Ball Handling

An instructional video to improve your ball handling and off hand pick ups

How to Eggbeater and Tread Water for Beginners

This tutorial covers one of the most important skills in water polo, the eggbeater kick. Eggbeater is the most effective way

The Rules of Water Polo – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Water Polo. A beginner’s explanation of Water Polo Rules and how to play it in a swimming pool.

Dryland Exercises

Dryland Exercises For Swimmers (Strength Training)

A high level overview on the basics of dryland training with two workouts and eight different dryland exercises explained

Total Body Dryland Workout for Swimmers

Follow this 30-minute workout designed to help swimmers improve strength and performance, and prevent injuries.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Swimmers

Want to improve your swimming performance? Look no further than resistance bands!

20 Minute Dryland Workout for Swimmers

Have you ever wondered what you could be doing out of the pool to increase your strength in the water? Check out this workout.

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