Eva Howarth

Splashball Support

I joined the club 14yrs ago, and have been a member of the family ever since.  I have participated in club galas, and competitive swimming events until I found my love for Water Polo.

I now pass on my experiences to younger athletes at the club, volunteering as weekly on poolside as a support coach.

It’s been amazing watching the younger ones grow to love and enjoy the sport and become amazing little athletes.

“We have a strong focus on technique to give our junior swimmers the best long term potential possible. I believe we need to try and make our swimmers stand out and set them apart from the rest – a combination of fast and skilful swimming is hard to come by.”




I have played WP regionally, nationally and internationally, and now compete in the highest division of women’s national league Water Polo.

Personal Interests

I am also a keen gymnast and am very in touch with my friends and family.